Wolfdog Health Info

Request to all owners of Czechoslovakian Wolfdog with DM tested Czechoslovakian wolfdogs of 12 years and older!

Worldwide there is still a lot of DM research going on because there is still a lot unknown about DM: why it occurs, how to prevent or how to cure. 
Obviously there is a close relation between the occurrence of the mutated gene and getting physical problems.

But one of the still unknown facts is why not all dogs with test result DM/DM (homozygote) develops DM symptoms. And why dogs with test result N/DM (carriers / heterozygote) and (very seldom) N/N/ (Free) get sometimes DM symptoms at older age.

And this is one of all the DM subjects of the DM research of the  university of Bern.
 The university is very interested in all information about the health status of older dogs, regardless of the gene test result DM/DM or DM/N or N/N.
It costs you only a few minutes to send this info by email, but your information could be very important for the research!

They have only 8 questions about the health status of your old dog of 12+: 

  1. What is the test result of your dog
  2. After 12 years, the dog did get Yes or No physical DM symptoms
  3. In which age your Czechoslovakian Wolfdog shows the first symptoms of DM when he is DM/DM tested? And the same question for dogs with test result DM/N or very seldom with N/N.
  4. Which symptoms as first: instability in the forehand, on the stairs to go downstairs, stumble in the forehand or all in the backhand
  5. Problems with the respiration: normal - snoring or rattle
  6. Mentality: Normal - demented
  7. Capacity of the noose: normal - short time or it takes longer
  8. Has the dog problems with the stomach: eat much grass, clearing of the throat

 When you have an older CsW with physical DM symptoms, they will appreciate when you also want to send photos and a movie of the walking of the dog!

You can send all you info to: elisabeth.dietschi@vetsuisse.unibe.ch   With Subject: Health status 12+ CsW

 Cooperate more with the DM research in Bern:

A lot of Czechoslovakian woldog owners already did send a blood sample for the DNA research in Bern. When you also want to cooperate with this important research, you can send them a EDTA blood sample of your dog!
When you have to visit your vet for vaccinations, you can ask him also to collect some EDTA blood 

HERE  you can download the blood sample form to fill in.

On this form is also the address where you can send the form and the blood sample by normal mail.