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  DNA storage and DNA tests

Currently, only a few DNA tests for genetic diseases in dogs of the CsW breed are available. Research is ongoing and we expect a lot more tests in the near future. For example several laboratories are working on DNA tests for PRA, Epilepsy, Cancer, HD in different dog breeds. The owner/breeder of a dog can choose, which test he would like to have performed in his dog.
in the past a breeder/owner had to submit a separate DNA sample from his dog (EDTA blood or swab) for each individual test.

But there is now also the possibility to store DNA of CsW's and use it for several genetic tests. Even in future this DNA can be utilized to run a number of different genetic tests.

Every owner can send 2 ml EDTA blood of his CsW to the storage lab. The lab will isolate the DNA, which can then be used to run an unlimited number of tests now and in the future (in every lab an owner wishes)

How an owner can store EDTA blood of his CsW

  • The dog owner can go to his vet with a blood sample form and a copy of the pedigree of his CsW.
  • A blood sample form of Laboklin is to download Here
  • The veterinarian collects 2 ml EDTA blood, checks the chip and signs the blood sample form.

Blood and form are then send to:

Steubenstraße 4
97688 Bad Kissingen


After the lab has received the blood they will send an owner number and the bill with info to the owner.

The price of storage

  • DNA storage for 25 years can be offered for 33 Euro per EDTA blood sample. (Special offer for all CsW owners!)
  • This service includes a double DNA isolation as well as storage of the EDTA-blood sample.

How it works

  • DNA is isolated twice from EDTA blood
  • The two isolated DNA samples will be stored at different locations for security reasons
  • Each DNA isolation results in approximately 100µl.
  • To run a genetic test, a volume of 5µl - 20 µl is necessary
  • That means that about 20 DNA tests can be performed from the stored DNA isolation.
  • If the number of tests is exceed, new DNA has to be isolated.
  • The costs for a such a new DNA-isolation are 16.50 Euro (2 caps)
  • Additionally, Laboklin in Germany also stores EDTA blood (approx. 2 ml).
  • Therefore the number of DNA tests that can be performed is almost unlimited!


  • The owner remains the owner of the blood and DNA isolation of a dog
  • It is possible to just store EDTA blood and the DNA isolation without obligation for a test in this lab.
  • The owner can decide which tests he wants to make.
  • There are no additional costs for using DNA distillation to perform a test (besides the normal test price)
  • Laboklin can send the DNA isolation of a CsW to a lab the owner chooses.
  • If the owner wants Laboklin to send the DNA-isolation to another lab, they only have to pay handling and shipping (depending on the country, weight, ...)

When an owner wants to perform a test of the stored DNA

  • When the EDTA blood is stored at Laboklin laboratory, the owner receives an owner number.
  • When the owner wants to perform a test of the stored DNA isolation, he can send a request for the test with his owner number to Laboklin.
  • By email to labogen@laboklin.de or by mail to LABOKLIN, Steubenstr. 4, 97688 Bad Kissingen, GERMANY or by fax to +49-971-7202995
  • When this test is available at Laboklin lab the owner only has to mention the name of the test
  • When the test is only available in another lab, the owner has to provide the exact name of the test and the complete address and info of the lab!
  • After a test is made, the owner receives the test result and bill from the lab that performed the test.

The price of test:

  • Every test has a standard price in a lab, so it depends on the test.
  • There are no additional costs for sending DNA isolations for tests to Laboklin.
  • If an owner wants Laboklin to send the DNA-isolation to another lab, they only have to pay handling and shipping. (depending on the country, weight, ...).

Currently Laboklin has for example these DNA tests available for CsW's:

  • DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) € 56,10 ex VAT
  • Pituitary Dwarfism € 74,80 ex VAT
Soon they will also offer a combination package of DNA test for CsW for a cheaper price